Wednesday, October 08, 2008

"There Are No Strangers, Only New Friends"

I am convinced that is Angelina's motto. She takes her "Social Butterfly" tendency to a new art level. This kid has no hesitation whatsoever to walk up to new people - kids or adults, take their hand, show them around, and within 2 minutes make them laugh and smile. They're usually so enamored of her they can't leave.

A couple of weeks ago we went to an outdoor diner place. As we sat with the grownups, she saw some kids playing. Boys, about 8-10 yrs old. She walked up, "caught" the nerf football they were throwing and threw it back. Now, I'd have expected boys that age to get annoyed by this little squirt interrupting their game. Nope! They included her right in. Then another kid joined, and another. Credit to the boys for being so wonderful and sweet. And when the boys went off to eat, she just grabbed the nearest adult and started playing.

I'm thrilled she's so friendly.

And also a bit terrified.

I have to watch her like a hawk, because she'll go off with anyone, provided she thinks it'll be fun. I'm not sure she'd understand the concept of "Stranger Danger." I'm not sure I want to teach her that concept. I love that she sees all people as friends. Somehow I have to find a happy medium - teach her she can't go off with everyone, but she can be nice to everyone.....

She has this amazing ability to be the life of the party, without demanding the center of attention (most of the time). I don't exactly know how she does it. She's just herself. I mean, she seems ok if you're not looking at her, as long as you're having fun. But if you're not, she'll pull you into the fray. Happy, laughing, singing. She doesn't seem to have that "Look at ME!" attitude (well, she does with Maman and Papa, but not in a group). Rather, it's more along the lines of "Come join us, let's have some FUN!"

Where'd she get this? And will she be the same with with a sibling?!

[I usually start off apologizing to the older kids or the adults whose play she interrupts, but 9 times out of 10, they're happy to have her. She doesn't need to be the center of attention, she just wants to be there with them. To be one of them. To be part of the party. Occasionally there's a kid not so interested in playing with her, and that's the hardest. But more for me than for her. She generally just keeps playing and being sweet. I hope she never loses that]

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