Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cousins! Nanny! Opa! Oh My!

Angelina is in HEAVEN! She is having so much fun.

I had to go to San Diego to present a paper at a conference, so took advantage of the time and location and brought Angelina along to visit her cousins. Oh my what fun she is having! Started with a horrendous flight (4 hour delay in Dallas, which meant a boarding time of MIDNIGHT), Angelina acted like it was just another party, as chipper and happy as can be. So really, it was only horrendous for Maman who just wanted to sleep. The other passengers were saying "If she can be so happy, I have no reason to complain!"

Then we spent Saturday with Cousins and More cousins! Well, first, it was get to know "Opa." She was tired when he picked us up and it took awhile for her to warm up to him, but after he'd dropped us off at 1:30 am local time and we finally were going to bed, she saw the door and said "Bye Opa! Have a good day!" And for the next 36 hours, whenever she'd see the door she'd say "Opa?" and look for him.

When we woke up Saturday morning far too early, she heard noises outside the room and said "I'm coming Papa!" I explained it wasn't Papa, he was home in Texas. So she said "I'm coming Opa!" I said no, it was Nanny! "I'm coming Nanny!"

On to the cousins. We met Camille, Kyle, Hannah, Martina, and Matthew at the park, and her entourage began. Let's just say there were arguments over who got to be with Angelina. Everywhere she walked, her cousins followed. She's going to be a little too used to this Princess thing. She charmed them all. Matthew had gotten some balloons for the girls (well, he took them from a birthday party which had already left). Angelina of course let go of her's. Her response? "Bye bye balloon!" as she waved it up into the sky.

She had a blast. Could not have been happier. There are of course her aunts and uncles, who also dote on her, but they just don't seem to have the same special something the cousins have.

But there are the bubbles. Aunt Loretta and Uncle Bruce had the jacuzzi on saturday night, tempting little Angelina (whose Maman did NOT want to go in). When we left, she said "Bye Bye Bubbles." and All. The. Way. Home. "Bye Bye Bubbles." Bubbles. Bye Bye. Bubbles. Bubbles. More Bubbles. I think she just likes to say "bubbles."

*pictures will have to wait til I return
** Her "Daddy" thing is getting funny. She was calling every man in the airport "Daddy!" The looks on their faces when they heard her were priceless.

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