Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sandy Eggo

Here we are in lovely San Diego. Weather couldn't be more perfect, nor apparently can Angelina. At least when she's with Nanny. The Dr. Jekel and Ms. Hyde *I* have the pleasure of knowing doesn't exist with Nanny. She's a perfect Angel Nanny says. Couldn't be more lovely. Eats all her food,puts on her sweater, HOLDS NANNY's HAND AS SHE WALKS ACROSS THE STREET!!! you get the idea. Mom almost didn't believe my stories til I returned from my meeting. ooops. Apparently my presence brings out Ms Hyde. When I appear, the tantrums start, the screaming, the grouchiness. I disappear, and she's all Miss Angelic Angelina.

Nanny did discover the pleasures of sand, however. Angelina and sand. Well, let's just say she's never seen sand she didn't want to cover herself in. Especially when combined with water. And there's the slide. How many times can one child go down a slide?! Apparently, the answer is infinite. And then, we have the Merry-go-round. Today Nanny took her to Seaport Village. First, my warnings to beware stores with nick-nacks as she'll take everything off the shelves which of course she NEVER did with Nanny, then Nanny spotted the Merry-go-Round. HAHAHA! Maman had the last laugh. I had called her earlier and all was well. I called her later, after the Merry-go-Round, and Round, and round, and ROUND. Mom answered saying "Get this child to STOP!" Four times on the Merry-go-round. I was impressed she managed to stop her at 4. Of course, Nanny almost puking must have done it....

(pictures to come)

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