Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Sac à dos, Sac à dos

I think maybe she's channeling Star Trek with the head gear....

I was trying to find something to hold Angelina's very fine hair back. Nothing worked, but she found this head band and refused to take it off. As you can see, she has an interesting way of wearing it.

Her other new favourite - "Sac à dos, Sac à dos" That's what Dora sings in French...something about her backpack. Since we're going on a trip soon, I decided to get Angelina her own backpack. Alas, we tried this on, it was too big. Fat chance getting it off her (you should have seen me running around the store chasing her. Dang she's fast!). So I figured she'll have to live with it too big. She walks around with it all day saying "Backpack!"

Oh yeah, I got sick of Caillou (PBS show) - she has a thing for 5 yr old boys...so I got a Dora DVD. Now it's all about "Dora! Babouche!" She watches Dora in French.

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