Monday, April 11, 2011


Our kids LOVE camping. Nothing can be more fun than setting up the tent and hiking with Papa (and Mommy too, but Papa is key here...).

Now Angelina is convinced camping = S'nores (aka S'mores - those marshmallow/chocolate/graham cracker things). I hate marshmallows (or as Angelina says "Shmarshmallows"), but she begged and begged and wasn't camping if there were no "S'nores." So I relented and brought stuff along. Turns out she didn't actually want the s'mores, just the marshmallow.

And camping isn't camping without a sleeping bag, even if it's 80F (27C) at night. She insisted on zipping her sleeping bag up all the way. I had to wait til she slept then unzip it, as she was already soaking from sweat. Fortunately, it cooled off after midnight.

So this past weekend we decided to skip Fiesta and head out to Garner State Park.

The Frio River runs through the park, and as the name suggests, it's usually cold. But as it was in the 90sF in the afternoons, the water felt perfect.

After a long hike...

For more pictures, click HERE

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