Tuesday, April 19, 2011


One thing is for certain, our children are part fish. They LOVE the water. So it was high time we had swimming lessons. Angelina started last summer in CA, then continued on here with San Antonio Swim Academy. She has her moments of not wanting to go (really, she just doesn't like being *taught*), but her current teacher, Mr. Ryan, is excellent. This past year she's learned to do a lot in the water and is really confident now. I still don't trust her to swim alone without a life jacket in the river or a lake, but she can swim in a pool pretty well!

Lenaïc also started lessons in January. He loves it, except when he has to go on his back. Months later he still hates that. His favourite game is throwing the toy and swimming towards it (with Mommy's help). he loves this so much he tries to do it whenever he sees water, even if he's not swimming. We've had to miss a few classes lately due to illnesses (mine and his), but hopefully next week we'll be back on track.

Today, Frédéric was home early so he decided to join us. Angelina loved showing off her technique and we finally have some PICTURES.

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