Sunday, April 17, 2011

Viva Fiesta!

For 10 days every April, San Antonio is transformed. Ok, not really transformed, since San Antonio is pretty much Fiesta City all year long. But in April it's different (FIESTA), and it's too hard to explain. You just have to come here to experience it.

This year, we have a lot going on so we skipped most Fiesta events. However, we took advantage of our friends' downtown apartment to watch two parades we'd never seen: Battle of Flowers, which is the event that started it all, and the Flambeau Night parade. We also participated in the one event we always hit (partly because it's basically in our neighborhood): the King William Parade and Fair.

The King William Parade is a funky, mismatched, anything goes parade reflective of the neighborhood. For the past few years the King William Area Kids (KWAKs) have had a neighborhood float the kids help decorate and ride, while the Southtown Area Parents (SAPs) walk behind. As we waited to start, the parade was delayed. Finally learned there was a house fire along the parade route. Organizers quickly re-routed the parade, got spectators moving, and off we went. For pictures of the pre-parade float decorating, set up, parade, and post parties, click HERE.

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