Friday, April 29, 2011

A Day at the Zoo

Frédéric Update: his recovery is progressing ok. He was feeling awful early in the week, then hit a turning point. Finally improving, but taking it slow.

Fridays are when I pick up Angelina before lunch, and ideally go out and do something fun. Weather was pretty nice today, so decided to go to the zoo. But really, we didn't go for animals. The zoo has a Tiny Tots area with a "riverbank." It's a great area - sand, little "river", fun stuff to play in. Loads easier than going to the real river with 2 kids, and we see a few monkeys and birds on the way. Since we weren't planning to really walk around the zoo, Frederic decided to join us. All he had to do was walk to the area, sit. It wore him out, but we were really glad he was there. One bonus to all this, he's been spending more time with the kids, seeing all their antics.

In the end his incision started leaking and he was pretty worn out, but the kids had fun in the "river." For more pics, go HERE


Monica said...

Frederic is such a trooper. What a fun spot!

Anonymous said...

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