Friday, April 27, 2007

9 month check up (a few weeks late)

17lbs, 14 oz (8108g) - 75%
27.5 inches (70cm)- 50%
43 cm (head circumference) - 25%

So I can stop worrying about Angelina being underfed! Until last month she was on the skinny side. No longer. All that great mommy's milk along with all the good food Papa has been making for her. She got two shots today, but actually screamed more when the nice doctor was just looking in her ears. My kid does not like to be fussed with!

On another note, she has consistently had a small head. I don't get it. If it's so small, why did she have such a hard time coming out of me?!


sarahaarssen said...

small head, big head, skinny, chubby, short , tall... she looks perfect to me!

Cherise said...

Well, we think so, but we're biased :)
She IS fabulous!

Noya said...

Well said.

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