Thursday, April 12, 2007

Day 7: Bern back to Yverdon.

On Thursday we spent the morning shopping in Bern, then stopped at Fredo's storage place (a barn near Lac de Neuchetal) to find his photo albums. Then the scenic route back to Yverdon.

We spent the evening watching old home movies of Fredo and Philippe as kids. Seeing pictures of Fredo as a baby was amazing. I will post those separately, once I can get them scanned.

And then we have our little gourmand. She's not a picky eater, as she eats anything we give her (except bananas), but she is particular about the source. At home we make our own baby food, but for travel I figured we'd buy the jars. She took a few before we left ok, but once in CH she wanted nothing to do with them, and when she did eat some, she'd get constipated. She was no doubt thinking "the food is great here, why are you giving me this swill? What happened to the fresh stuff?" So we trekked down to Coop and got some fresh veggies, pureed, and presto! She ate 'em up. Finally I did manage to get her to eat one of the jars (I didn't want to toss them or cart them back to the US). It was the "spring vegetables." Fredo decided that she'll only eat what's in season. Already a food snob!

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