Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Days 5 & 6: Adventures in Bern

Frèdèric's meeting was at the Universität Bern. I was in Bern in 1992, and remember a wonderful city but recall more about my friend's tiny apartment: the kitchen was basically a closet. In any case, it was like visiting a new city for me. Given that I never knew when Angelina might melt down and/or need a nap, I didn't want to bother with museums and such, so we spent 2 days just wandering around the city. It helped that the weather was wonderful, only too hot for our winter clothes. The hotel had its heat on and we were roasting. I had to go buy some short sleeve t-shirts for me and short sleeve onesies for her. What was funny was people were walking around with winter coats and scarves! Granted it was cold in the morning, but still....Fredo says it's because it's April. In Switzerland in April, one wears a coat. Period.

It's a gorgeous city. Loads of wonderful buildings and statues in the middle of the squares and streets. Very easy to walk. Angelina seemed to have fun and I loved just being able to wander.

I never got around to taking any pictures while there, so I'll just post these of Angelina playing with Granpapa just before we left.

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