Saturday, April 07, 2007

Day 2: An outing with Les Families Ferrari et Brülhart

Fredo has two godchildren in CH, so we always make sure to save one day for each of their families. First off, let me say the weather was out of this world gorgeous, while it was all of 49F in San Antonio!

On Saturday we had a picnic with the family of goddaughter Coline. Also joining us was the family of Laurent, one of Fredo's childhood friends and the best baker in Switzerland (His shop is La P'tite Fringale in Vufflens-la-Ville).

Soon, Angelina will be able to run and play with the older kids. For now, she was content to have lots of attention from her friends. It was a fabulous day all around.

And of course the scenery could not be beat!

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