Friday, April 13, 2007

Day 8: Adventure Parc avec Le Familie Gloor

Friday the 13th

Friday was our day to spend with Frèdèric’s other goddaughter, Alba, the daughter of one of his childhood friends, Jean-David and Sonia, and sister of Gabriel. Alba is an amazing little 6 year old who can speak French and Spanish fluently. She knows I don’t speak French, but can manage a bit of Spanish so she very kindly speaks to me in Spanish. I think she thinks I know more than I do….

They took us to the Adventure Parc in Signal-de-Bougey. It’s this huge place for kids with a stunning view of Lac Leman. On one end are rope bridges and tree climbing things, which we avoided as the kids are a bit small for that. On the other is an area for the smaller kids with loads of fun things to do.

And for slightly bigger kids -

They also have a farm area with a horse, goats, rabbits, pigs, and likely some others we missed. There was a sow – bigger than I’d ever seen – with her 8 piglets less than a week old. We also saw a goat who’d just given birth, with its tiny baby struggling to get up. The place is enormous, and FREE, a rarity in Switzerland! It was a Friday and packed with kids (Easter holiday). I can’t imagine how many kids are there on the weekends. Oddly there were many American accents to be heard, perhaps due to it proximity to Geneva.

Angelina is usually a bear in the car, but Alba rode with us on the way home, and Angelina laughed the whole time. I asked Alba if she could drive with us everywhere!

We ended the day with raclette and wine at the Gloor home, a great spot overlooking the Orbe River.

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