Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Our brilliant but lazy daughter

Ok, so "lazy" may not be the right word. Angelina is 9 months today and is not crawling. (btw - that means she's been outside of me as long as she was inside me!) Given her issues at birth, I'm always just a bit nervous about her developmental milestones. She wasn't rolling over until recently, then she just attacked it with a vengeance. She sits up fine,but started a little late (7 months).
She also seemed really skinny, not gaining a lot of weight. She eats solids, but until recently wasn't that interested, and otherwise she's breastfed (and takes minimal by bottle at daycare - she likes it from the tap, apparently).

We had her second appointment with the developmental pediatrician. This is a follow-up from the NICU. I was a little anxious, worried she was delayed in development and also that the nutritionist would push formula (she seemed incredulous last time that she was only nursing). His verdict? She's super smart, she just can't be bothered to crawl. She puts the rings on the stick, she stacks the blocks (or tries to) - things she shouldn't be doing for awhile. She watched him for a minute then did the same. But crawling? She just gets pissed off if we leave her there for too long. He suggested putting a pillow between her and the toy, making her crawl over it. What did she do? After getting annoyed, she shoved the pillow out of the way and scooted on her belly to the toy.

hey, that's my kid, she'll find a way to do it, but don't force her to do something she doesn't want to do!

As for the nutritionist, she wasn't too bad. Angelina's gained a lot of weight in the past couple of weeks, so she's doing fine.


Riana said...

She is brilliant, I tell ya!! Look at those fabulous cheeks too!!

Megane said...

elle est vraiment super jolie,une vraie petite miss!!! je suis super contente de l avoir vue!!! j aimerais la voir plus souvent...elle me manque... toi et fredo aussi d ailleurs!!! bref...je vous aimes fort enormes bisous!

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